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Just as it is, the darkness cannot rule over the day ever. The WWE has been making tremendous progress so far and it seems that they are on the go into a new era.

The WWE has been making some huge signings from NXT into the company to boost their rooster. Even at this, there have also been some lapses in the company.

A popular superstar Ryback disclosed how he was disappointed by the company over payment. Ryback opened up that the company does not have specific payments that are; they pay different amounts to various superstars so he asked that all superstars be paid equally.

Ryback’s idea was ridiculed by some persons while others cherished it. In support of this, Teddy Long spoke to pro wrestling saying that the amount of money paid to a star determine his role in a match. That if a superstar is to perform a higher role then he is to be paid high as well. Teddy also beg the wrestling company to consider what Ryback has said. See Video Below: