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Last night we reported based on what we saw in social media that the former WWE heavyweight champion and current United States champion Roman Reigns was fired by the WWE.

The source did not substantiated their claims based on their report and we intended to send out our news team to get reports whether this rumor was true or false and we indeed promised to bring you feedback after our findings.

After our findings, we discovered that the rumor was actually false as Roman Reigns was not in any wise fired by the company. He is still a full time member and a top superstar in the company.

What we actually discovered was that the source used the former issues Reigns had with Vince McMahon and Triple H to back up their report.

Report has it that Roman Reigns would be facing Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal championship title some time and everyone just wish to see The Guy as the new Universal champion. Reigns is up and doing in his business and has not current grudged against anybody in the WWE.