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The story of Paige being suspended by WWE for 60 days is no longer news to the world.

Before the 60 days suspension, Paige was first suspended for 30 days being the punishment for a first time violation of the Company’s wellness policy.

It was stated that Paige purposefully made her way out of the company for these 60 days so as to spend a good time with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio who was actually released by WWE some months ago.

Paige and Alberto del Rio violated the WWE wellness policy at the same time for the first time and were both suspended for 30 days. When the suspension elapsed, Paige returned and Del Rio sought his release which was granted him without much ado.

More so, Paige will be free from the 60 days suspension on December 9. It’s unknown if Paige will return to the road, as she’s currently injured. She may not be back in the ring until 2017.