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Roman Reigns and Rusev has been doing it very great in the ring ever since Roman won the United States champion.

Rusev has been very angry and upset ever since he lost his pride as the United States champion. Lana has been so depressed as she thought that her husband was the greatest wrestler in the WWE.

The last defeat was with Sasha Banks and Charlotte. This was a match of the champions and no one contenders.

On one of the WWE Monday night RAW, Rusev and Roman Reigns made a show which appeared to be a promotion for their match at the WWE Hell in a Cell.

Rusev attacked Reigns and collected the championship title illegally from him but on his way to the back, Roman Reigns attacked with a superman punch and collected his title from Rusev. Finally, Roman Reigns told Lana that if he would go to hell, he would go with Lana and Rusev.