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The WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns has been noticed by fans and even by top WWE officials to be unbeatable. This is because ever since he gained the title as the champion, he has refused to let go.

WWE has ensured that he release the title but their plans were all to no avail. They assigned AJ Styles to him even with the support of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows but to the greatest surprise of the WWE Universe, Reigns still retains his championship title.

Recently, there is an event coming up and it is called the Wizard World Comic Con which will hold in Philadelphia starting from the 3rd of June and last until the 5th of June. Reigns was arranged to be at the event but reports now other wisely states that Reigns has been pulled from attending the event.

As real as it gets, Roman Reigns was replaced with Seth Rollins who will be appearing on Thursday at the event. The reason why Roman Reigns was pulled from this event as not been specified and no thought has ever entered into the heart of man what the cause may possibly be. Reigns goes home ashamed and dejected.