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The fact that former WWE World heavyweight champion Roman Reigns has emerged as the US champion is a scene and an experience which many has longed to witness in long time and finally, it has all come to be at last.

Roman Reigns won the United States championship title from Rusev not quite long and still have his rejoicing and memory fresh. He defended his title the next day against the same Rusev and still retained it, now he is seen as a champ that runs the United States camp in the WWE Universe.

According to the latest round of WWE spoilers, Roman Reigns title reign may not last long with him if there are any objections by any of the wrestlers. Roman Reigns has been rumored to lose the championship title at his next match which may handicapped him of his newly won title from Rusev.

More so, it was earlier posted in the WWE spoiler that Roman Reigns will give up his new title before the end of the year so that he can once again be in contention for the Universal Championship. This spoiler suggests that Reigns will eventually face Kevin Owens for the title, providing that Owens actually keeps the title in the first place. Reigns’ rumored upcoming match against Seth Rollins just might be the match that causes Reigns to lose his newly-won title.

Despite the fact that Roman Reigns only won the US Championship title a few days ago, it already seems like the WWE is trying to make Roman Reigns lose the title and the main card promotion. To say this is suspicious is an understatement. Well, we never can tell the plans that WWE has for the present US champions in the nearest future other than what has been stated earlier. As it is, i sense great things coming Roman Reigns way if he eventually give up the US championship title.