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Last night’s episode’s of the WWE Monday night RAW was indeed a different kind of episode entirely as it was the last RAW show before Survivor Series.

The show saw Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg facing each other one on one in the ring. It was indeed a clue of what to be expected at the Survivor Series event. It was also reported that Goldberg ended up spearing Brock Lesnar before the section of them facing off ended.

Another remarkable experience of last night RAW was the facing off of both brands, Smack Down live and RAW superstars respectively. Observably, Rusev and his beloved wife Lana were not seen around during the RAW segment and many fans thought that he might have sustained an injury. Anyway, this was not the case of him being absence from RAW last.

Report states that Rusev had a personal reason for not appearing on last night episode. And according to the report, Rusev’s grandmother has passed away and he had taken leave to deal with the passing of his grandmother. The report was confirmed by Rusev’s wife Lana when she posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “A beautiful soul passes this world onto the next.”