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Lana’s fiancé, Rusev is reported upset at the moment with his WrestleMania booking. No one would have possibly thought of such had he not opened up in an interview with The Mirror, where he spoke about WrestleMania win vis-a-vis his fiancée whom he said he is so proud of.

Rusev, the Bulgarian Brute noted that he felt being disrespected in the WrestleMania booking angle:

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“It was annoying at first! Because we just won, we were celebrating at WrestleMania. All of a sudden you hear that music and these people are coming down to disrespect you and steal your moment. I felt disrespected so I needed to get in there and prove myself, that I could hang with these guys. And yeah, I got stunnered.” Rusev said.

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Rusev didn’t stop there; he noted that things are already in place for his fiancée to take over the Women’s Division as he once again affirmed his undying love for her and her debut into the Women’s Division. He said,

“Oh, I was very proud. She looked amazing, she looked stunning. She was a bit nervous beforehand and I was trying to calm her down, which is totally understandable, when you have your first match at WrestleMania, the grandest stage of them all. But she handled it so well, she is so professional. She is just great. She went out there and she showcased to the world that she is going to be one of the best Divas and she is going to just get better and better. She is going to take over the Women’s Division very soon.”