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As at 8th February, a popular superstar was suspended due to an unprofessional act of grabbing Vince McMahon’s arm in jest when after Daniel Bryan has bided farewell.

He was given 90 days suspension which was later reduced to 60 days.
Fortunately, next week RAW is by the corner and his suspension is said to end on the 10th of April which means that there is the possibility for this superstar to be in the show.

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Titus O’Neil who is well known as Batista was accused of so many things that made him took the decision of leaving WWE once his contract expires to pursue a career in football coaching for he was a professional footballer before he joined wrestling.

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He has played for so many clubs including Utah Blaze, Tampa Bay Storm and many others.

However, next week RAW is just by the corner and we all hope to see our man Titus O’Neil.