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After the WrestleMania 32 went off-air, the dead man The Undertaker who partook of the main event of the show removed his gloves and threw it to the ring which made everybody in the WWE believes that he has finally called it a career with the WWE.

The rumor spread across the globe most especially when The Undertaker was seen telling people backstage that his match against Shane McMahon at the WrestleMania 32 was actually the last he could ever had in the ring of WWE. Could this really mean that the Undertaker won’t wrestle again? Probably, one can say yes from the look of things because ever since the WrestleMania 32, he has not been seen again.

Well, if it really happened that The Undertaker is fed up with his WWE career what class will he be rated amongst wrestlers? The Undertaker is a giant and a big time wrestler, notable and respected but it is revealed that there are few who have embodied the concept of professional wrestling more than the Dead Man.

It is almost certain that The Undertaker will not step his foot in the ring again most especially as he still bears in his heart the anger of Vince McMahon asking him to lose to Shane McMahon which to me is somehow ridiculous. It was not a big deal anyway but it would have cut short the fame of The Undertaker because fans wouldn’t have known what exactly happened they would have thought that Shane naturally won the match against The Undertaker.

Anyway, if The Undertaker walks away with seven World Titles under his belt in his career, he has to be regarded as one of the best to perform under the McMahon banner. The Undertaker other wisely be saying goodbye to the WWE after a long time experience.