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Far back in May this year WWE made their usual spring cleaning activity which affected lots of top superstars and their career. But to some others, it was an opportunity for them to shine and stand independently.

Cody Rhodes was released in May but his release wasn’t in line with the spring cleaning but rather requested for it. The reason was because he felt that he was no longer doing or performing a vital role in the company which made him to go talk with the WWE creative to see what they can do in changing him and giving him a more efficient role so he can get on with his WWE career but the creative team bluntly refused to grant his request.

Shortly after the release, rumor began to flow all over that Cody Rhode’s release was due to the WWE intentionally wanting him to leave so that he could drop the Stardust character and then come back fully as himself, Cody Rhodes. Recently in an interview on the first episode of The Ric Flair Show, a new podcast hosted by the WWE Hall of Famer, Rhodes cleared the air about his WWE release when he said:
Cody explained and said that the rumor was all false and that he didn’t discussed anything with the WWE except the talk he had with the WWE officials about his father Dusty Rhodes’ book which was granted him.

More so, Cody Rhodes narrated how the idea of improving himself did motivate him to request for his release. Speaking about Dolph Ziggler, Cody said that he is often overlooked by people due to the fact that he is relatively smaller in size than other wrestlers like Brock Lesnar. Well, the release of Cody Rhodes has opened great doors for him; according to The Wrestling Observer, Cody discussed with the ROH which means soon or later, he will be on his way to ROH.