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Triple H is a long time wrestler whose skill and passion for the job has gone wide. He is the vice president of the WWE Company and the son-in-law of the president of the company, Vince McMahon.

Just like every individual, Triple H is not perfect; he has some sorts of faults. All through his stay, some persons has discovered some faults about him saying that Triple H considers only wrestlers with a big body shape instead of talent. This is what legendary wrestler Bret Hart said about Triple H:

“I’m always happy to be proven wrong, but I’ve never seen any real genius come from Triple H yet. I sound like I’m always knocking him, but it seems like he’s quick to push the great wrestling to the side and push the bodies, guys who have [good] physiques, all the time. They wonder why CM Punk quit and they wonder why Daniel Bryan got hurt. It’s because they squeeze so much out of those guys.”

Well, Triple H just can’t hide from this fact because it is a real exposure of him.