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The table was turned around for Kevin Owens and indeed it was not for his good. Kevin always has people hailing him and giving him confidence whenever he is in them ring, but this time, the reverse was the case as Kevin received a threat from fans instead.

This threat was done on Twitter and the fan who tweeted this is John L Randy. John tweeted a photo of Owens standing with one foot on a WWE belt which had the America flag on it. The fan got was angry because he felt that Kevin is disrespecting the country’s flag.

When Kevin saw this, he was unhappy, so he reacted to the tweet advising the fan to do the worse that he could do. The fan also got angry and there were miss use of words by these individuals on Twitter as shown bellow.

Back to business, Kevin Owens loss his Intercontinental Championship match to Zack Ryder at WrestleMania. Though, there is still hope for him any way we hope he comes back to his best as soon as possible. Let us watch and see. What do you think?