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The boss and C.E.O of WWE Vince McMahon has been away from the WWE for a fairly long time now and it seems that all is well with him anyways.

It is revealed that the boss has come of age to resign from his chore which means sooner than later, we will be hearing a retirement speech by the boss. The question that has always been asked is, who will replace him if he eventually retires from wrestling world he created? Speculations have been around the two McMahon siblings, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon.

Observably, this sibling has not been in good terms ever since the idea who takes over from their father arrives. Stephanie feels that she is better that Shane for the position while Shane feels also, the contrary of what his sister feels. But the point is that, there must be a successor after Vince McMahon come what may.

Not quite long, Vince McMahon made the company be extended into two large format, The RAW and SmackDown and made his children commissioners of both extensions but still they are unsatisfied like wild fire. Well, that aside; Vince McMahon was recently talking to a friend and telling him that he wish he could change his name and become more popular with his new name.

I know you may want to ask, at his age? Yes, at his age! Vince McMahon is still very smart even though age is no long on his side. According to source, he said that he would loved to be called, Vince King instead of the usual Vince McMahon he is known for. This name may turn out to be well known soon even though, his decision has not been declared officially.