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Sometime in April, the chief of the Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt sustained an injury during a live event match against the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Bray had calf injury which has kept him for a long time.

According to, Bray Wyatt has been declared medically fit to return to the ring by his doctors and as the news as gone across the globe, we should see him on the next episode of RAW from New Orleans.

More so, rumors has gone out that Wyatt may be surprising fans with his return at the WWE Money in the Bank during the ladder match, but as the case is, it may not really happen so, which means it is under probability for Wyatt to return surprisingly at the ladder match of the WWE Money in the Bank.

Furthermore, ever since the departure of Bray, his team mates has not been performing and it seems now that they will all return to the ring the same day. According to report, the Wyatt Family will not all return the same day as Luke Harper’s knee isn’t well yet so we should be expecting to see Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt. This is partially good, what do you think?