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As football lovers travel to France for Euro 2016, attention as being drawn to the latest security issue arising from the host country, following the recent attack by terrorist.

The tournament which had being schedule to kickoff on Friday, will pull great fans to different stadia in France, and this as raise concern for security.

The Foreign office has said fans traveling for Euro 2016 should be “vigilant at all times” in face of terrorism threat in the country. He further went on to sight some key note to supporters, pointing out stadiums, fan zones and transport hubs as possible targets.

Though some measure as been put in place to check the situation at this period, with the service of UK counter-terrorism officers been employed in the strategy to remedy the situation. Various offices as being stationed in strategic point such as terminals and on some cross-Channel trains to prevent disruption.

The need for security vigilance rose after French security officials arrested a man who was caught plotting series of attack in his homeland after purchasing an arsenal of weapons in an undercover sting.

The advice coming from France security officials to football lovers in Europe is that every fan should portray sportsmanship no segregation as they promising to do their best to ensure normalcy.