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WWE superstar Chyna Laurer who passed away few days ago, was found dead at her home at California. It has been reported that some team of experts are requesting for some various organs in her body to be examined.

During an interview with New York Daily News on Friday, Chyna’s Manager, Anthony Anzaldo reported that before her death, some lawyers met her to ask if she had interest in joining a brain injury lawsuit against the WWE Company. This she refused even though she loves the idea.

Anthony told the news team, “When she died, they called me again and asked, ‘Can we have her brain,’ “My hope is that we can do it. I’m in the process of getting the permission to speak on behalf of family to tell the coroner its okay to release it.”

Chyna died due to excess intake of drug. Anthony further stated that Dr. Omalu famous forensic pathologist whose work is to study chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in football players has brought the NFL under heavy scrutiny. Now, he wants to see if Laurer’s death was as a result of her wrestling career.

Furthermore, Chyna;s manager Anthony Anzaldo said that Chyna once told them to burn her corpse when she dies an d spread some of the ashes in the pacific ocean while others should be spread in the place where her fans comes to visit. This is incredible.

But what really killed her is drug overdose for Anthony reported that when he entered into Chyna’s house after her death, he found medication for anxiety (Xanax) and sleep deprivation (Ambien) in her home. All the same she is gone and that’s all.