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There is the saying that, association with bad company delivers someone to his or her earliest grave. During an interview, Jim Duggan who was a former WWE wrestler and a Hall of Famer discuss how he was arrested along side with a colleague.

Jim was arrested along side with Iron Sheik who suppose to be his rival in a feud. Jim denied that he was not friend with Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri who is well known as Iron Sheik.

Jim said that he was just on a ride with his colleague and was under the control of marijuana and alcohol while his colleague was high with cocaine.

He stated that the cops apprehended them while on their way even before reaching their destination. They were heading for the WWF event. Though, they were both release that same day but it took time.

Later on news spread to the WWE about the incident. Vince McMahon got to hear this and Jim Duggan had to be vamoosed from the WWF.

Although, Jim Duggan was called back into the company but there was a delay in his career. Nevertheless, he counted himself lucky because his rival Iron Sheik was sacked, and his career ended. Duggan was truly lucky indeed.