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Undertaker tells Vince McMahon he never wants to wrestle again

The news about the Undertaker’s retirement was all across the universe as all now believed that he would retire just after WrestleMania 32 which he had against Shane McMahon.

What really prompted to the rumor of his retirement was the fact that after his match with the boss’s son, he was heard telling people backstage that the match could possibly be his last. This news almost made him lost the year’s UK tour.

According to, The Undertaker laying his gloves in the ring in Dallas didn’t cause a furore because the same conjecture rocketed into the WWE Universe last year and then fizzled out. But that the battle-worn has spelled it out for Vince McMahon that he doesn’t have any fight left in him.

Vince McMahon wants The Undertaker to wrestle in another WrestleMania; possibly the WrestleMania 33 with John Cena but The Dead Man is turning down the issue. The Undertaker does not want to wrestle again but Vince thought that he could lure him back after his decision. But The Undertaker is saying no to Vince McMahon and his conviction.