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The WWE has successfully developed talents into money. The record of superstars in the company is large enough to make up a troop of army. Chris Jericho is one superstar whose impact in the company has brought in lots of goodies.

Chris Jericho has enough fame to boost of in his career. But now it seems that he is done with the company.

What would have been the cause of him leaving the company? Would it be the debt the WWE owe him?
Chris Jericho’s last match in the company was at last year july when he fought and defeated Neville at the Beast in the East special. He did not end here; he later teamed with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to face the Wyatt Family.

Unfortunately, in the Intercontinental Championship Jericho faced Kevin Owens at the live event in Madison Square Garden in October. Which although he lost. This was it; and now Jericho is revealing on Twitter his possible break up with the. Here is what he revealed: