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WE Superstar Paige has been in the news a lot lately, mostly due to her relationship with former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, now going by the name Alberto El Patron.

The two met on Del Rio’s last run with the WWE. He would leave a month ago, right around the time he failed a drug test under the WWE Wellness Policy. Funny enough, Paige also failed and was suspended for thirty days… the same as Alberto.

Just recently, Paige failed yet another drug test, forcing WWE to have her suspended for sixty days. She would claim that she failed due to prescription painkillers — obviously due to the severe pain she must be going through due to her injury that also requires surgery. Most every doctor would prescribe painkillers in her position, so this was obvious.

Due to WWE paying for her medical treatment, there is a good shot that they know what the doctor found out and what he filled for her.
While she claimed this, she was apparently lying.

Obviously, she may be using the drugs a doctor told her to take when needed, but she is apparently also using drugs that she shouldn’t. WWE claimed in a statement that she didn’t fail for painkillers, but rather, she failed for an illegal drug. What she took is not yet known, but the fact that she may have taken something illegal is very worrying for her friends and probably her family, too.

She topped all of this by then proposing to Alberto Del Rio over the weekend. Her family seems very much against it, as well as many fans of hers. Obviously a relationship is just between two people and no one else, but it seems that Paige has left her life behind for Del Rio.