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WWE has plans for Bill Goldberg to wrestle one more match. The WWE Universe chanted in unison as Paul Heyman issued a challenge to Goldberg that would see him go one on one for the first time in 12 years with Brock Lensar.

While Goldberg wasn’t there immediately to answer the challenge, he did return to Monday Night Raw for the first time in over a decade this week to answer Heyman’s challenge and ultimately said yes to the match. Fortunately for The WWE Universe, one more match might not be the word used to describe Goldberg latest run in The WWE as a new rumor is stating that Goldberg will have another match at WrestleMania 33 as well.

According to Aaron Sass of The Inquisitor, “one of the planned matches for WrestleMania 33 next year in Orlando is Roman Reigns vs. Bill Goldberg. He noted that Reigns has no clear opponent at this point and if he gets another title shot, the fans could just boo him out of the building again.”

Not everyone is going to agree with this, but to have Roman Reigns face Goldberg at a stage like WrestleMania would be any amazing thing to see. It would not only further the legacy of Goldberg and his make his latest run in The WWE memorable, it would also be a great way to establish Roman reigns as a future star.

More to come on this subject later, but what do you think? Will WWE pull the trigger on a second match for Goldberg? Or will this definitely be a one off for the former WCW champion? Let us know in the comments below!