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Seth Rollins has been has been on the talk ever since regarding his relationship with former WWE Divas champion. It was revealed online that Seth Rollins was having unprotected sex with her which led the former diva to having STD.

According to the report, the star involved was actually the current girlfriend of Seth Rollins, Tammy Lynn Sytch who is also known as sunny. It was recently reported by diva that all what was revealed online was actually not real. Sunny took to social media to expose an impostor who has been spreading rumours about her alleged affair with current WWE Superstar Seth Rollins (Colby Lopez).

More so, The pro-wrestling community was sent into a tizzy a few hours back when a Facebook profile, that apparently belonged to Sunny, depicted a lengthy post wherein the person impersonating Sunny accused Rollins of having unprotected sex with her and giving her and STD. Here’s the post-

According to, in response to the aforementioned post by way of a fake social media account, Sunny clarified that she has nothing to do with the scandalous post. Furthermore, the 44-year old also unleashed her fury on the impostor and even went as far as citing her recent incarceration and rehab as the reasons that completely disprove her alleged affair with Rollins. Here are the social media posts from her real account regarding the same-

“So someone has made a fake page of me, and posted this…and it’s making the dirtsheets as if I said it. Unreal…I only have two pages. This one and the page I always tag. That’s it. It’s so obvious that this is not me writing because there isn’t a single curse word in there. NICE TRY FU*******!!! Get a life you fu***** troll!!”
“So this fu****** who has a fake page of me is claiming that I fu**** Seth Rollins 3 months ago and that he gave me an STD. Doesn’t do his homework, does he??? IVE BEEN INCARCERATED AND IN REHAB SINCE SEPTEMBER 23rd YOU FU***** AS*****!!! They don’t give conjugal visits in County lock up. NICE TRY, CU**!”