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The McMahon siblings Shane And Stephanie have been made commissioners of each brand after the brand extension due to their struggles for power over who controls the WWE after Vince McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon was made the commissioner of the WWE Monday night RAW where as Shane McMahon the commissioner for SmackDown Live and each brand has got their managers as well. The struggle for power began when Shane McMahon to WWE before WrestleMania 32 and asked to be made the runner of RAW. His request was granted with the condition of facing The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell match.

Shane fought the Undertaker in a losing effort but still was granted the chance to run RAW which he did for some weeks. Vince McMahon saw that his siblings are not in good terms over what has happened so he had to make the both of them commissioner of both RAW and SmackDown Live.

Last night, Shane McMahon appeared on Talking Smack. During the episode, Shane talked about being pleased with SmackDown and the ratings for the show. When asked what he thought about RAW, Shane said that he never watches it and just gets the results from Does this means that Shane McMahon hates RAW or holding grudge against his sister Stephanie McMahon who runs RAW together with Mick Foley her manager?

Well, may be Shane McMahon is just so busy getting things fixed in for SmackDown which comes up the day after RAW. Anyway, whatsoever may be the case, we hope it is for better and not for worse.