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Before now, several SmackDown shows has been held and as we all know, the tips of any game is either you win or lose but definitely, there must be a winner and a loser in any given event match. As it in the WWE, what matters is that fans critics are pleased with any view they had. A match is said to be tough if fans and critics goes home happy or worried as both cannot be happy at the same time. AJ Styles and Big Cass made this happened.

The last episode of SmackDown tapings was not different from the previous ones only that diverse combination was seen. The match started with Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke. This particular was filled of suspense because almost everyone in the auditorium thought that Dana Brooke will gain victory over Sasha Banks but the reverse was the case. Sasha won the match by submission and as it is she is really hungry for a match against Charlotte the champion.

Still in the SmackDown match, Dolph Ziggler stood against Rusev and the match ended with Dolph making the win against Rusev. It all happened that way because Zack Ryder distracted Rusev which ultimately then gave Dolph the chance to take off The United State champion unawares. The win was so surprising.

More so, the SmackDown also featured the match against AJ Styles and Karl Anderson against Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Enzo and Cass fell victim to AJ and Anderson; they were defeated AJ Styles got the victory against Big Cass but subjecting him to great heat using his Calf Crusher finishing move and the pressure was too high for Big Cass then he had to submit. This matches in the SmackDown rooster has caused a lot of rivalry and hope to see single matches that may sprang up all because of this SmackDown