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Last week episode of RAW show saw the return of the long time manager of SmackDown Teddy Long; it is obvious that Teddy has been the longest reigning GM in WWE SmackDown’s history and this has won him the love of WWE fans.


It reported that Teddy came in the RAW show and caused a hold in a fight between Money in the Bank participants, Teddy then made the request of a re-running as the General Manager of SmackDown after the brand split. This sounded good but Stephanie McMahon showed contempt and refuse saying that Teddy won’t run the show again.


As a result of this, the WWE called up a vote to see who wins with many other nominees like Paul Heyman, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Vickie Guerrero and John Laurinaitis. After the vote, it was revealed that Teddy Long had the highest vote’s counts of 35% beating the other nominees hands down.


It’s quite unfortunate that Stephanie McMahon did not get what she really wanted for she has previously been the GM of SmackDown. But according to report, it is unlikely to see Teddy run the show again as the most preferred would be Shane or Stephanie McMahon. Well, the race has just begun; let’s see what comes out of the whole issue.