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The World Cup held two years ago brought a great shock to the Spain and to the whole world. The country which was the defending champions played with Netherlands and got defeated (5-1) they also lost to Chile (2-0) before having a meaningless victory against Australia.


Recently Spain(the European Champions) struggled to have a 1-0 win against Czech Republic although they dominated possession, they found it difficult to break through Czech Republic’s defense because the defense was organized or probably got acquainted with their game mode.

In the past, it was difficult to defeat the Spain game mode which was later adopted by Barcelona. But recently, the football world had succeeded In devising means to defeat such game mode.

The Tiki-Taka style of play used by Barcelona, Spain and other teams is now regarded as “old fashioned.

In The recent football match between Spain and Czech Republic, Spain which had 72% possession had only 5 shots on target. Although Czech Republic had only 3 shots on goal, their opportunities were good.

Spain will need to be very creative in the next matches if they are going to take the European Cup. Because they cannot rely on the Tiki-Taka when playing with the likes of France and Germany.