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The WWE Diva Paige turned heel last year and it was revealed that she did made the former WWE Women’s champion Charlotte to feel more of herself as Charlotte really shined through Paige. Paige versus Charlotte’s match last year was for the WWE Divas Championship which later turns out to be the match that gets Charlotte over as the top performer in the Divas’ division. Nikki Bella has had the longest title reign ever in WWE history but was defeated by Charlotte who then became the champion.

Observably, Paige has not engaged in any tough WWE programming for a long period of time now. She has not been stable but been moved from one match to another. Paige has been fluctuating and as a matter of fact, she has been involved some many feuds and did turned face again; she still does not have a tangible holding in the WWE television and this has extended through the recent WWE brand split.

There was rumors that Paige and her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio will split as a regard of the brand extension because each of them was drafted into different brands the rumor was actually given birth to by what fans see in social media where deleted all that has to do with Alberto in her Instagram account. But, the fact is that the two superstars are only unhappy about with the brand extension and as for their relation, Paige revealed recently that they are still intact.

More so, it seems that the WWE is cooking a nice delicacy for the WWE Diva Paige and these plans could set high on a high pace in her career. It is rumored that Paige has been scheduled to face the commissioner of RAW, Stephanie McMahon in a match. What could this mean? Stephanie McMahon vs. Paige? There is a secret behind this if eventually; this rumor turns out to be true indeed.