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The WWE superstar Sting is likely to become a Hall of Famer of the WWE, as Ric Flair is said to introduce him. Many persons have the mindset that the introduction of Sting into the Hall of Fame will end his career, some went further to say that he will be announcing his retirement while presenting his speech. But Sting has said that he is not off the ring yet.

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This superstar sustained a neck injury during a World Heavyweight Championship match he had with Seth Rollins. It was stated that Sting suffers from spinal-stenosis the same condition which ended the career of Edged. Sting told the that he need to take care of his neck which led to the rumor that Sting will go for surgery. Sting is still normal even without a neck operation.

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Sting has long expected a match with the Undertaker but it seems Vince McMahon is not a party to this as both wrestlers are in their fifty’s. Shane has been placed with The Undertaker and this gives Sting an opportunity to fit in. that is he can help Shane defeat The Undertaker. For if The Undertaker loses there would be no chance for him to wrestle again.

Conclusively, if Shane be in power he may make the Sting vs. Undertaker for WrestleMania 33 even at that Sting may have a role in the Hell in a Cell match. Any way lets seat back and watch Shane defeats The Undertaker