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What Could Have Been The Offense Of Sasha Banks and The Women’s champion Charlotte?

Presently, the Stone Cold’s podcast is one of the podcast that gains the attention of both Wrestling and casual fans as well. This is possible because, he does not cut words short but gives the full details.

In his 328th episode of his show, he revealed his mind and his stand on the WWE women’s division but was more focused on Sasha and Charlotte. In his heartfelt gratitude to the Boss, he also used the opportunity to chip in his view on how he feels she should be booked by the WWE in the time to come.

He also included that she should be Isolated and not allowed to be part of any of the stable in the company as well as supporting cast and should make sure she lacks nothing in the showmanship. Looking at her, you will see the adroitness and the dexterity that can make her a cool boss or a sincere superstar., reported that Austin continued his statement by expressing view on how too many cooks are spoiling the broth as it far it involves the promos of Ric Flair’s and Charlotte’s. He also said he thought their in-ring segment would be better if the WWE takes little break from writing his promos to a tee.