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As regarding the successor of the WWE, Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon were tipped to take over from Vince McMahon earlier this year and that has been the major cause of the power clash following the sudden emergence of Shane McMahon.

Also, regarding some reports Vince is unhappy about the fact that Triple H couldn’t bring The Rock for a fight at WrestleMania 32. There are contract problems concerning The Rock which couldn’t allow him wrestle and these are minor things Vince dislike (been an obstacle).

As it is well known that Shane was off the scene for sometimes now but that is just in the eyes of the public. Reports revealed that Shane McMahon has been with Vince all this time backstage.

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There are also reports that Shane could be coming back in the company for Family business which has been said there have been discussions between Shane and Vince concerning the possibility.

When Shane was interested in taking over WWE power back then, Vince was not ready to give up power but now Shane is back in the show and he’s probably going to stay henceforth as he makes a darling in the eyes of fans.

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Also, there have been several conclusions that Shane has the direct entitlement because that is his birthright and he should be given a trial. The couples (Triple H and Stephanie) are good for the job because of there experiences, but I tell you Vince might just be testing to see who is best for the job. Let’s see if Vince won’t give it to Shane.