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There have been some sorts of power struggles between Shane McMahon and his in-law Triple H. This has been for the control of Monday Night RAW or even more. Shane lost the match with The Undertaker which would given him control over the RAW show, but even at that, he still runs the show.

On the other hand, Triple H has been away but it looks like he would return to take issue with Shane running RAW for him and his wife Stephanie McMahon has been the one running the show.

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Struggles for power are not new at all in the WWE; it has been since the past 20 years or more. Shane has always been brave in putting his body for WWE. There is no measure for them both. Triple H has won the World Champion for 14 times now but Shane also is coming up.

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It this be put as a match, definitely, Triple H would win because he has some suspense. But anyway, let’s see who turns out to be the Monday Night RAW show runner. In your own opinion who will want to run RAW?