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The act of criticism is good and most times awful. Criticism gives you directions on how to go. Just recently, reports came from the that Jim Cornette has launched another attack on WWE, with the wrestling personality criticizing the company’s decision to lay off another batch of starts.

Jim has worked for the WWE over a long period of time; he has worked as a manager, commentator, promoter and booker for over 30 years. Jim is known for his daring comments and criticism. His words are respected because he has been a long time wrestling star.

He had attacked the WWE for their decisions of releasing some superstars just to hire more women wrestlers for the Diva section; he tagged the decision as being a result of poverty.

Previously, Jim had criticized the chairman of the company Vince McMahon saying that Vince’s record with foreign wrestlers is very poor and that these wrestlers can only succeed in the profession if Vince wants them to. What an attack indeed. A sharp criticism, for true, Vince should really be ashamed.