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The WWE Company has ever wanted all her wrestlers to maintain orderliness and to learn how to do things without the influence of drugs. In ensuring that this happens, the company has placed a Wellness Policy to guide them.

This policy was established after the death of Eddie Guerrero since 2006 and the company has vowed to suspend or even terminate the contracts of any wrestlers who violates this policy. Not quite long, we had reported that Adam Rose and Konnor was given sixty days suspension for violating this policy.

Afterwards, Adam took to Twitter and stated that the drugs he uses are doctor’s prescription and that it was not harmful to health or thereabout.

Some days ago, a popular Hall Of Famer Jim Ross issued some words of advice to all suspended wrestlers. According to, passed these words of advice via his website saying, “Off topic but I suggest that all talents that have Wellness Policy violations in WWE should stay off social media. Just saying. One more thing…Doctor’s notes should be typed if at all possible.”