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For some time now a lot of big time superstars Daniel Bryan and Sting have been retiring due to injury. And it seems that the list is only increasing as Bray Wyatt has gone to join them.

This injury has put the company into loss. To worsen the whole thing, Roman Reigns was supposed to face Bray in the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Payback but because of the injury, Reigns has been scheduled to face AJ Styles which may help Reigns retain his title.

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The worst part of the whole story is that WWE has schedule a strong match for the Wyatt Family this will indeed terrify Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman who will be in the ring without their leader Bray.

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This Wyatt’s injury is not good for him, the WWE and all those involve with him. The company had needed the Roman Reigns VS Wyatt to main the event so that Bray can finish that which he has started with Reigns. But since it has happened this way, lets watch Reigns retain his title.