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One of the saddest things in life is when you are willing to do something and you discovered that though you really want to do it but your present condition deprives you from doing such. Bray Wyatt sustained a calf injury during his fight with Roman Reigns.

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Bray had the intention of witnessing the tour but his critical health condition would no allow him. Report came in that he was sent home from the European tour so he can receive medications. The Wrestling Observer stated that Bray couldn’t partake in any match; he needed further checkups so he was sent home to their doctors in the US.

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According to, Bray Wyatt just has to rest for some days and then join the tour later on. And also, it has been rumored that he is no longer with the traveling group in Europe.

This is a big disappointment to Bray and we hope he recovers soon.