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The former Women’s champion Trish Stratus joined the WWE Company since 2000 and till date she has been doing well and much better things to write home about her. In 2013, she was part of the WWE Hall of Fame class she really an entertainer and a fighter well known for her match against Lita.

More so, it is revealed that Trish Stratus is an actress and former WWE Employee. During an interview with Gridlocked, promoting the DVD release of her latest movie, she discussed lots of things even the present WWE women’s division she didn’t omit. She said that the women’s division fight should be for Women’s Championship and not for the Diva’s championship.

Furthermore, she said that the expression Diva is a wield term. She what she said: “They [WWE female talent] deserve to be fighting for the Women’s Championship, The Divas thing was kind of a weird phase, where it was focus on the women [appearance] and it sucks because there were some very talented women at the time. I’m not ever going to denounce a Divas Champion, because, to me, it’s still a wrestling champion.”

It is obvious that her movie which was released in theatres last year September is now in DVDs and will soon be everywhere in the universe for everybody to watch. She is a very good character worth viewing.