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For some weeks now, there has been a bad news about the career of the two time WWE women’s champion Paige who fell in love with the former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio.

It was previously rumored that Paige will be leaving the company once her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio leaves and this has been the news all around the WWE Universe and beyond. Over some time now, Paige has not been seen in WWE programming as it was observed that she was serving a 30 days suspension for violating the company’s wellness policy.

Sooner than later, the suspension will elapse and it is revealed that the former WWE women champion will return to her previous position in the WWE roster. Recently on social media, Paige denied the fact that she was not planning to leave WWE at first for any reasons at all and then she announced that she would be returning to the WWE ring in a grand style to be a more active performer than before.

Prior to the rumor of Paige leaving the WWE, TNA quickly opened their arms wide as the company expressed keen interest in signing Paige should she become available and has no other contractual obligations with the WWE. But unfortunately for the TNA company, WWE officials has realized the importance of Paige in the company so, they have both reached an agreement which simply means that Paige will be continuing her contract with WWE which will run through April 2019.

Early before now, Dave Meltzer of the wrestling observer radio reported that Paige was looking for an out in her contract that would enable her to leave the company. The WWE officials realized the potential and talent that Paige has and tried to negotiate with her. It now seems that the two parties mended fences by talking things over and came to an agreement. Meltzer reported that Paige is now under contract with WWE through April 2019 – as was the case with her original contract.