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After wrestling with a particular name, it has occurred that one of the most famous WWE superstar is about to change his name so that he can sell more even though he is outside the WWE.

Ryback well known as the big guy has a been a wrestling star in the WWE for some time in history until he erred and WWE proved to him that his service is no longer needed in the company. While the WWE wants him to go out, they also wanted him to change his name because the name Ryback was officially owned by WWE by trademark.

Reports state that Ryback would be adding his real name which is Ryan Allen Reeves omitting Ryan to his ring name Ryback which will then become, Ryback Allen Reeves. The reason for this is so that he could not only use the name Ryback on the independent circuit but also to use it for his overall branding going forward.

More so, another reason is because the name “Ryback” name is associated with his branding, and it is something he can promote. He is not only wrestling on the independent circuit now but also releasing a motivational book and releasing a clothing line and supplements as well. Wrestling is not the only thing that The Big Guy is doing these days. He said that he refused to have wrestling be the only part of his life or only thing he is known for.

Furthermore, Ryan Satin officially announced the change of name of Ryback saying: “A rep for the Clark County court confirms that Ryan Allen Reeves will henceforth be known as Ryback Allen Reeves in the eyes of the law, now that his name change was filed by the court yesterday.” Ryback also said this about the whole thing: “It was one thing that I did not own and I created and I used before my time with WWE. And it is something that is associated with my brand, and who I am, that I am very proud of”