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It has just been reported that top RAW superstar has been moved to SmackDown and the hit in the WWE backstage seems to have been reduce due to him been moved to the other brand in the WWE.

Sin Cara is a top RAW superstar and he is well known for backstage problems which has caused so many other problems in the WWE resulting as punishments. Report states that Sin Cara got into a real-life fight with longtime veteran Chris Jericho which resulted in the two needing to be pulled apart. Word had then come out that the company threatened to send Sin Cara home but instead “exiled” him to SmackDown.

Well, that’s a rather interesting punishment, but it doesn’t appear as if he is doing anything for either brand at all right now.
Last weekend, a fight broke out backstage between Jericho and Sin Cara on a tour bus which ended with the two men being separated. Jericho reportedly yelled at Sin Cara that he wouldn’t be working for the brand much longer.

Sin Cara been moved to the other brand was a result of him always having some backstage problems with other superstars which means that he would have to calm down and be more peaceful while in the other brand.