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The whole initiative of the creation of WWE Money in the Bank match was an idea to bring more excitement to the ring and to make fans cheer out the more than before. Money in the Bank came into existence and since then it has been awesome.

The WWE Money in the Bank has several match features which also includes the Ladder match. The ladder match is a deadly match who gets the power of wrestlers and it is very brutal and this has caused lots of injuries to fans.

At the recent MITB match, it was recorded that a top WWE superstar gave into injury and it seems that the injury was a severe one that could even put him off scene for some time. Alberto Del Rio was reportedly injured during the MITB match and according to, the injury might have occurred when Del Rio took the last bump on the ropes, landing badly on the mat before the end of the match.

Well, the severity of the injury has not been made known but it really seems that he is badly on state of the injury. Below is a tweet discussing the injury: