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It is so painful to note the loss of the WWE Heavyweight Champion to a former stable brother Seth Rollins. It was indeed a shock to fans seeing how Reigns lay helplessly at the defeat of Seth Rollins; Reigns could not help himself.

Tragically, the WWE Heavyweight Champion has gone away from Reigns and has become the now title of the one who most fans regards as a cheat, Seth Rollins. Oh! How painful it sounds most especially to real fans of Roman Reigns and even to most Top WWE officials who have really supported Roman Reigns.

More so, it is revealed that where ever Vince McMahon is, he will be extremely happy because he always long for loss of Roman Reigns and now he has seen it happened which means he may even call for celebration.

Furthermore, Seth Rollins was the WWE Heavyweight Champion before he sustained an injury which kept him away from the ring for some time. It was revealed that even at his injury period he still came on the network to boost saying that he shall soon return to the ring to take back the title which he never lost and now this has become realistic. Whether or not love it, Seth is now the Heavyweight Champion.