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The Backlash being a PPV of the Smackdown brand is going to be very unique event show as it has been scheduled to feature lots of huge matches involving big names and talented superstars.

It is revealed that the tag team members American Alpha has been doing well in the tournament and they were even announced to be the top babyfaces of the brand. Due to workout, many have thought that they will walk away with the Tag team title at Backlash but unfortunately, the table has been turned down for them.

American Alpha reached the finals of the tournament at the recent episode of Smackdown Live but they will not be showing up at the Backlash event not to talk of winning the title. Their match was supposed to be against Heath Slater and Rhyno at the event but it has been cancelled.

The reason for this is because on Talking Smack, SmackDown Live! Commissioner Shane McMahon revealed that Gable would be out for two to four weeks with his “injury”, which is why American Alpha will not be able to compete at BackLash.

It is revealed that American Alpha made quick work of the Usos, beating them in half a minute, The Usos turned heel and attacked American Alpha when they looked like they were just going to shake their hands.

They first super kicked Jason Jordan, and then went on to viciously attack Chad Gable. They performed some harmful maneuvers on Gable, thus injuring his leg in the storyline. The Usos then went backstage and cut a promo, speaking against the WWE Universe for turning their backs on them despite working hard for six years in the WWE.