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According to William Shakespaere, “parting is such sweet sorrow”, O yes it is. No matter how much you do not like someone, you definitely reacts to his or her absense by asking a question or two about the person even though the person is your worst hate.

We all know Rich Brennan and Kyle Edwards who both work with the WWE company. They are among the top officials of the company.

Just recently, we saw in social medias that these two has parted ways with the company though not yet comfirmed. Rich Brennan who is also known as Rich Bocchini is a commentator and a backstage interviewer, just in case you do not know him by name, you may know facially through the work he does for the company.

The news of the parting of these officials has not yet been confirmed, we read a tweet by Rich Brennan which made us believe that he is finally leaving the company. But why? I know you may want to ask. To get the answers you deserve, just stay focused on line with us as we are making researches to update you. See the tweets below: