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Shortly after the chief executive officer of the Ring of Honor, Joe Koff ended his speech with Jim Ross, telling him that the company has to seriously consider their time factor. He said that the time for the meeting has to be extended to two hours.

The venue for this meeting was the FOX 45 building in Baltimore. The hall which was filled became empty after an unknown young man dressed in animal suit entered into the venue with the claim that he had a bomb in his bag. Those who saw him said that he was carrying a USB stick.

The security man who saw him said explained that the suspect said he was carrying a bomb and that he had a message to give across. All that he had to say was that the government was not right in their doings. It was further revealed that the suspect was shot three times and still he refused the remove his hand from his pocket.

Lately, after the police have put him in critical condition, it was discovered that what he was carrying was not actually bomb but chocolate bars and wires. What a mess and an unfruitful threat indeed.