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The WWE Monday night RAW has been combating between Charlotte and Sasha Banks lately on the WWE women’s champion, even till now, the feud is still been teased.

Sasha Banks recently got married to her boyfriend Sarah Ton happily. It is revealed that the two of them has been dating for quite a fairly long time. The love among them was very strong and full of life.

Sarah Ton rejoiced when he finally got married to his dream bride Sasha Banks and the marriage seems to have generated another superstar whether male or female.

Reports states that Sasha Banks is pregnant for Sarah Ton and this has caused a lot of backstage heat among the RAW superstar. Mick Foley has refused to push another RAW Diva instead of Sasha Banks and Charlotte who has been challenging for the women’s champion.

It is revealed that Sasha Banks will soon leave to take care of herself and her unborn baby until she delivers and this will cause her to lose the title against Charlotte. For this reason, Mick Foley will be forced to push another diva for main event.