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Vince McMahon is a very prominent person, once a wrestler and the chairman of one of the biggest sports entertainment company The World Wrestling Entertainment which in its short forms known as The WWE.

Over some days now news has been dazzling across the cities that Vince Mcmahon has lost his sight.The rumor comes from one WWE fan who posted an eye-witness account on Reddit supposedly detailing McMahon’s actions at the recent RAW show in Montreal.

According to, the fan claimed that he saw Vince McMahon being guided to the ring by a giant spotlight while on his way to greet a long time wresler and very good friend Pat Patterson. The fan also claimed that he crew members making hand signs and pointing to various things so as to help guide Vince into the ring.

This indeed is a very sad report as no one would want to see the grand founder of the WWE go seek. Even his worse enemies wish him well because it is not easy to raise a company like the WWE to the standard where it is as of now. All the same, I just hope this rumors turns out to be fake because it is intolerable. Below is a tweet by concern fans of the WWE;