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Talking about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title, the WWE has long wished that Roman Reigns loss the title and when it did happened with Seth Rollins beating up Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon had to rejoice because it was a dream come true for him.

A passerby just dropped a note of report which stated that the boss, Vince McMahon has revealed that he wants to Reigns to wrestle for redemption immediately he return from suspension. This actually means that The Guy would have to start from the threshold until he got to the point where he was before this shit befell him.

Well, according to report, the reason for all these plans are because Roman Reigns was at the core of his career and has fully gained ground in the Main event scene. He has tolerated lots of shit including Stephanie McMahon referring to him as an embarrassment and also, Seth Rollins making fun of him.

To add salt to injury, Triple H humiliated Roman Reigns personality when he forced him through his talent relation director, Mark Carrano to apologize to the entire locker room. It is indeed painful but we hope that on his return he will rise to the topmost part of his career where he was before the nightmare.