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Wonders shall never end in The WWE. Things silly are happening so on. WWE legend, Bret Hart recently said this about Vince McMahon. Well, this indeed, is a revealed fact:

“We all went to a strip bar. It’s when they started the drug testing. Vince had the meeting that day. If you remember me wrestling Skinner at This Tuesday In Texas. It was a PPV. We wrestled and it was after that show.

“Before that show, earlier in the day, Vince told everyone that they were starting Olympic drug testing. They had that guy named Pasquali with the doping for the Olympians and all that. He was in charge. Vince told everyone that basically the gig was up. Steroids, any kind of drugs, marijuana… anything was going to be checked. If you were guilty it was two strikes and you’re out. They were all the same rules for everybody. I can remember that everyone was more concerned that there was going to be no more smoking weed. That was the big thing.

“All I know is that night Vince ended up in a strip bar with all the wrestlers and he was totally shit faced. He was really in a party mode. We partied all night long in the bar. I remember it was Hogan who started a little rib, I think it was a rib, he got Hawk all stirred up. Hawk was all totally knackered. Hawk was talking about how they were going to do the Legion of Doom finish on Vince, where they clothesline him off”.