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If you are a fan of the WWE Diva Alicia Fox, then I have got some good news for you. It is revealed that Alicia has not been in the WWE Company for quite some time now and the only time we set our eyes on her was in April.

Now, the good news is that Alicia is set to return to the ring and I believe fans all over the globe will shout for joy. It reported that she will be returning at a WWE Live Event in Savannah, Georgia in a tag team match on 30th of July. Savannah Civic Center website officially stated that she will team up with Paige to face Charlotte and Natalya.

Fox is known for her highly esteemed personality in the company and that’s why lots of people are missing her this much. She has got the WWE Diva championship to her name and has held so many posts in the WWE. She is a star indeed!

Furthermore, Fox has appeared as a guess in the Total Divas reality show two times while on the third time, she received a top billing. Her match with Paige against the women’s champion Charlotte and Natalya is going to be indeed a wonderful view to fans because it is really going to be hot.
Well, her return to the company will really amaze the crowd and the WWE also is going to be very happy as they welcome her because she is a star that will beef up the brand split roosters.